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Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Myriam Stubbe

R I P Reggie

Reggie asked me to speak on his behalf after his execution regarding the slandering articles published in the media before his legal murder and also to say his gratitude to a few people.

Here are his words to the media :

“My name is Reginald W. Perkins, I am writing you because I feel that you were very wrong for slandering my name and accusing me of something that isn’t true whatsoever. Now, I was a suspect in some cases up in Cleveland Ohio and so were several other people also but your newspaper didn’t mention anyone else names in this article that you did on me. I was only a suspect and so were several people who were also arresting. I have never been charged of anything regarding those cases.
Now, I am not a serial killer and I have never took anyone life whatsoever. I am about dying on the 22nd of January for yet something else that I don’t know anything about and I will continue to say the same thing.
I am not a serial killer, I would never hurt, kill or take anyone life at all. I am not that cold-blooded at all I was only a suspect that’s all and once more so were several other people arrested and their names weren’t even spoke about like my name was and everything. Yours truly, Reginald Perkins.”

I, myself, am not a believer but I know deep in my heart that when a man who is a true Christian, claims before dying, when he is supposed to meet his Lord, that he didn’t do the crime, he doesn’t lie !

Reggie left with a last smile to me, his last words were for me

He said to the family’s witnesses “hey you over there, love ya”, to Sylvia and I he said his love. Nothing less, nothing more…I have read a lot of other things and I say that the media were not even listening to what he said because he said nothing else than those words.

Reggie and I we had had a long telephone conversation from 4.25 till 5.00 pm the day of his execution....
he said once more that he was the wrong man and I was the wrong woman because I have been beside him day after day for more than 7 years...he worried only about me, he didn't want to die but was ready to die. We had said “see you later” by phone and it was private.

Reggie asked me to say his gratitude from the bottom of his heart to each and every person who tried to save his life by signing the petition or by sending letters to ask for clemency.
In the answer of the board of paroles and pardon was this little phrase :

European response - the pleas of citizens from foreign countries…


We all know that, only gullible people don't, BUT IT WILL NEVER BE A REASON TO STOP THE FIGHT

Reggie asked me to thank for him and say all his gratitude to :

Mr William S Harris his lawyer who have worked very hard for him and I want to add my gratitude to Reggie’s as Mr Harris has always been there each time I called on him and showed more humanity than many of so called abolitionists who come to the row. I will never forget what he did on Reggie’s behalf.

Bonnie and Lil B his “mother” and little sister for the love they gave him all over those years

Sylvia for having helped him so much with her faith and love

Daniel for his never ending support to him, to me and his prayers

Christa for her never ending friendship and love.

Cecilia from Wales for her prayers

Cécile, Ben, Axel (his godson) for their love

Ronald, Esecu, Julie, Gilles, Josh, Chantal and Sandra for her support to him and I

the two abbeys where the monks are praying a novena for him

His penpals Heidi, Verena, Jennifer, Kathleen, Linda

To all those wonderful people goes also my gratitude and friendship.


Now, to the leaders of an “abolitionist” NGO who refused (even by their own name and without even have to refer to their NGO) to sign the petition or write a letter because “they” were not the instigators, I say that there are no words to describe their behavior. They can continue to chose the ones to try to save with a game of darts !

Reggie was called a “con artist” in an article…. to the person who called him by this name I will answer that a “con artist” would have had thousands of $$ on his account, a “con artist” would have make his family rich like some I knew in the past.
A “con artist” would have dealt with dope and cellular phones…
Reggie never did anything against the rules.
Reggie had nothing and if he still had 436,04 $$ on his account, it is only because he couldn’t go to the commissary for weeks due to the Statewide lockdown in October and November. Reggie was starving in his cell like so many other guys. Reggie wants me, as he told me a few minutes before time was up, to use that money to fight against death penalty and it will be done this way.

The Reggie I know was a kind and caring man who was always worrying about others, never about him…..
When a fellow inmate needed some food, stamps…Reggie was always there to share for free….
when “he” was starving, the story was different and more than once I had to fuss at him and tell him charity begins at home. Nevertheless Reggie had no hard feelings against anyone…… I have !!!!

he was always trying to make things right and people trying to take what little he had

I will continue the fight as Reggie asked me……… I got a letter from him this morning that he sent the morning of the execution…….. he has only words of forgiveness for everybody and asks me again to do everything to tell people he never hurt anyone in his life.

To you Big Daddy, goes my love and respect. You will never be forgotten

I want to believe that now you are in peace in another place better than that hell called death row.
I am not ! I cannot be in peace !
No sugary words can smother my anguish nor my anger !

When I still have water running on my cheeks, don’t worry there are no tears, there are moon’s drops of rain…


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